Look Ahead

Think Pond Enterprises is here to help you think differently about the nature of your work in the world and how to create your own opportunities now and in the future.

Reflect on these questions:

  • Do you find it hard to foresee what educational credentials, innovations, career moves, projects, and business ventures will secure your future and fulfill your dreams? Does the job that provides all your material needs leave little time for you to explore new possibilities?
  • Do you yearn for work that is meaningful and fulfilling but worry about income? Do you feel the weight of local and global problems but wonder whether you can make a difference?
  • Do you strive for the focus needed to attain skills and expertise while remaining attuned to the changes that could some day make them obsolete? Do you struggle to keep your eyes on tomorrow’s exciting but risky career opportunities while holding on to the security of today’s familiar path?

Many of us are asking those questions in this global, digital, diverse economy. Some are already confronting the dilemmas they pose. Helping each other craft new ways of responding is the mission of Think Pond Enterprises.

The first step is realizing that we all possess four capabilities which underlie everything we accomplish in the world. Regardless of your occupation or age or location or education or wealth, you have been using and developing these four capabilities in your own way, at your own pace, toward your own goals. You will continue to do this throughout your life.

  • You can dream. You can daydream, make wishes, and experience little flashes of possibility when you encounter an exciting new place or idea, when you are struggling with challenges, or when you are growing weary of the way things are.
  • You can learn. Learning is embedded within your daily life—in moments where you stop to inquire, in those wide-ranging conversations you have at coffee shops or bars, and sometimes even for extended periods as you face challenges, solve problems, and adjust to change. Learning infuses even those things you do for pure enjoyment or relaxation—dancing, traveling, crocheting, golfing. You might even find yourself learning just for the simple enjoyment of following your curiosity.
  • You can create. When you organize your office space or plan your garden, when you make suggestions at work, when you design an approach for addressing a need within your community, you are creating. Sometimes you may rely heavily on know-how and logic to respond to circumstances, problems, challenges, opportunities, and aspirations. Other times, you may use imagination and artistry.
  • You can venture. We all reach points when it is time to make a change, to start something new. Maybe you have been thinking about going back to school, changing jobs or careers, or starting a business. Those are milestone ventures that require much planning and depend on many pieces coming together. Other ventures come up more frequently–planning an event, joining an association, changing how you approach an important task, or picking up a new hobby.

If you took the time to consider these four capabilities, you have taken the first step toward the possibilities that await you. The second step is to think about how you have been using these capabilities, how you would like to use them, and how you might use those capabilities with greater passion, intention, and discipline.

That means some new questions:

  • How can I chase my dreams?
  • How can I embed learning into every endeavor of my life?
  • What solutions can I craft using my creativity and know how that will have an impact on my life and the lives of others?
  • What ventures can I launch that will lead to enterprise that will ?

As you reflect, you will probably become aware of some changes you can make immediately. But other possibilities may seem beyond your grasp. Those are what can fulfill you, change your life, and even impact the world greatly. Those are the enterprises that can secure your future and fulfill your dreams.

The way to extend your reach toward those enterprises is to join or start a think pond.

Think ponds are communities in which people merge their diverse ideas, knowledge, skills, and projects to pursue possibilities that otherwise would be lost.

You can start a think pond with a small group of individuals who know and believe in each other. Your think pond can be a sounding board, a testing ground, or a cheering section when you face or seek change. The group can be fluid and flexible, continually reconfiguring itself to serve its members’ purposes. Members may converge and then diverge, each pursuing his or her own project with the knowledge that the creative energies and complementary skills of their think pond are there when they need support at critical points.

At the very least, you will have good conversation about ideas, creative work, career challenges, or community issues. Your passion, intention, and discipline may rise to the next level and beyond.

Eventually–in your own time–you will become poised to carry your ideas and solutions forward into the marketplace for profit, into the public sphere for the good of others and the enrichment of the culture, or just into a wider conversation that could lead to something no one has yet conceived.