Think Pond

Think Pond Enterprises is a design project dedicated to cultivating communities of social, creative, and intellectual enterprise. These communities will give individuals a more sustainable and rewarding role in the emerging economic landscape. They are studios for designing and creating our own opportunities for fulfillment and profit. They are networks of small endeavors, each given a chance to develop and flourish through collaboration. Wider adoption of this model could fuel innovation and enterprise in new and struggling industries and disadvantaged communities. It could mean the difference between adapting and thriving in tomorrow’s economy.

A think pond is a small group of people who have come together because they want and need better ways of responding to the challenges and opportunities they find in work—both the work they are doing currently and the work they envision for themselves. They see an economy that is changing rapidly and leaving increasing numbers of its workers behind. They feel the weight of local and global problems and want to make a difference. They have unmet aspirations and unused talents. They want to expand their vision, their sense of possibility, and their portfolio of skills. They want to learn and grow while sharing their knowledge and experience with others. They are determined to turn dreams into plans and plans into projects that make a difference.

The central activity of a think pond is helping each other invent and pursue social, creative, entrepreneurial, and intellectual projects. These projects are gateways to a broader range of opportunities, laboratories for assessing the viability of ideas and dreams, and training grounds for developing the strengths needed to launch and sustain new ventures.

A think pond is where creative energies converge, expanding possibility. Complementary skills combine and available resources broaden, flattening obstacles and contracting timelines. Promising ideas stay out of the trash. Connections proliferate. Courage and confidence and energy multiply.

Cultivating these diverse communities of enterprise could be the start of a human capital renaissance in which every person works with intention, passion, and discipline on meaningful endeavors that maximize their potential and contribute to their own well-being and to that of their community and world.

Think Pond Enterprises is gathering knowledge and designing the processes and tools to help think ponds organize and succeed.

Does our vision intrigue you? Do you find yourself wishing that you had a think pond of your own? Check out our tools and practices.

Need to think about it a little more? OK. Let’s think about the future of work.