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Deborah Vrabel is the originator of the Think Pond concept and author of this site.


Think Pond Enterprises is
based in Northeast Ohio.

Think Pond Enterprises presents an evolving vision for sharing vital knowledge, advancing creative solutions, strengthening communities, and developing human potential.

Imagine a diverse, dynamic association of seasoned and aspiring professionals dedicated to fostering collaboration, mentoring, and entrepreneurship.

Think Ponds are fluid associations of diverse individuals who bring their creativity, their skill sets, and their passion projects into a shared space in order to explore possibilities, overcome obstacles, and build momentum for realizing their dreams.

Think Ponds are platforms for shaping and strengthening three lifelong enterprises that are vital to the success of each 21st century individual.

Self-Directed, Life-Embedded Learning

Imaginative exploration and Creative Solution-Seeking

Entrepreneurial Experimentation

Think Ponds are beginnings. Their potential impacts range from promising relationships, fulfilling experiences, and modest career accomplishments to new businesses, programs, and life-changing solutions that transform both the lives of their makers and the communities they serve.

Please continue to explore Think Pond Enterprises.

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