Solution Crafting

“Do you know what my favorite renewable fuel is?” An ecosystem for innovation.”

Thomas Friedman

Solution Crafting is applying disciplined thought and purposeful creativity to our dreams and visions. It is answering fundamental questions about our quest or about a problem or challenge that emerges as we pursue a learning goal or an entrepreneurial project. It prepares us to engage more fully, to take action. The inquiry that often start a period of solution crafting is often framed as How to . . . or What to . . . questions.

What to learn, say, integrate, amplify

How to create, present, promote, fix, collaborate, sustain

Solution crafting is like taking our vision into a studio, a laboratory, or a workshop, armed with what we have learned. The process could start with generating practical ideas that would help make a project doable. We could work in a creative or technical design mode that leads to a physical or conceptual product. We could begin a concrete planning process that defines goals, roles, and milestones.