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Time to Reflect: Fall 1918 Revisited

Exactly a century ago, the modernist poet Amy Lowell wrote a poem about walking down the street on a beautiful fall afternoon that was “the colour of water falling through sunlight.” Lowell says that all she can do with this beautiful day in September 1918 is put it in her lunchbox and save it for another day when there is no war.

“I have time for nothing,” says her last line, “but the endeavour to balance myself upon a broken world.”

I’ve always loved the imagery of that poem, as well as the little glimpse of the world into which my grandparents were born. Now, as I look at our politics, all the breakdowns in our society, all the violence and racism, the constant state of war,  I feel the poignancy of that last line so much more deeply.

Making Meaning

By Deborah Vrabel

Think Ponds can be invaluable for those who want to explore career alternatives, but even those who are uninterested in making a major change can get value from exploring the enterprises and designing or participating in a project. I call these “Meaning Projects.” See what you think of these four models for creative response to different stages of life and different crossroads.

These are the themes each model will explore:

  • Finding and Holding on to What’s Precious
  • Reinventing Your Future
  • Building a Legacy
  • Feasting on Your Life