Essential Questions for the Four Enterprises

Dream Chasing

  1. What stimulates your imagination?
  2. What are some areas within your industry or profession where innovation most needs to happen?
  3. Based on recognized problems and developments you have seen in recent years, what is the likely next wave of your industry or profession? What change is currently emerging?
  4. If you could change careers without losing any income, would you do it? If so, what would you do differently?

Life-Embedded Learning

  1. What is one area of your practice that would benefit from a period of learning?
  2. What material items would you need?
  3. What books would you read?
  4. What other learning resources would you use (e.g., workshops, online courses, tutorials, manuals)?
  5. Whom do you know with the most expertise in this skill area? Who else could advise you?
  6. How much time will it take to: a) Acquire the basic knowledge needed to ask good questions and make a plan for using the skill? b) Acquire enough competency to do a small, simple project for yourself or for free for someone else? c) Become capable of doing a bigger project with some guidance? d) Become skilled enough to incorporate the skill into your practice in a minor way? e) Become skilled enough to complete projects that require the skill in order to be successful?


  1. What role do imagination and creativity play in your chosen profession and in your current industry, organization, and job? In your other roles (citizen, parent, partner, single person, homeowner, gardener, cook, athlete, whatever)?
  2. What are some specific creative challenges you face currently?
  3. What would you like to make?
  4. What are some areas within your industry or profession where innovation most needs to happen?
  5. What types of solutions would transform your industry or profession?

Venture Launching

  1. What comes to mind when you think about turning your passion into a business?
  2. What are you currently making or doing for free that could be marketed?
  3. Do you have a solution that could become a product or service? Do you have any visible/tangible manifestations of that idea? What would it take to start producing/doing something from your idea on the smallest scale possible?